by , 26th Nov 19 10:58 am

Most of us here at DCB have, at times, owned a Land Rover. From the first generation Discovery to the second generation. Range Rover Sport, Defender, we’ve owned Land Rovers. For motoring journalists to get behind the wheel of a press loan requires what one can only refer to as “professional begging”. The standard procedure […]

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by , 10th Apr 19 12:43 pm

The new unreliable as hell Range Rover Evoque has been awarded a five-star Euro NCAP rating. This means you can now crash the unreliable as hell and highly polluting NEW! Range Rover Evoque very safely indeed. It turns out Land Rover and their next-door neighbour buddies Jaguar were making petrol and diesel engines that emitted […]

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by , 24th Nov 18 9:41 pm

And now for some consumer advice. Don’t buy the new Range Rover Evoque, it will be useless and unreliable. But it will look good on your driveway. However, it won’t stay there long, for your Range Rover Evoque will be in the dealership where your friendy Land Rover dealer won’t give a damn about your problem. […]

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by , 27th Nov 17 10:14 am

This is the Range Rover Evoque X-Lander Edition from Kahn Design, the latest  Rangie model to be given the transformational eye from Afzal Kahn. Kahn, along with his core team of designers and engineers, spent two years thinking about the concept and the end result is more road presence than a bog-standard, off the shelf Evoque. […]

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by , 5th Jul 17 2:07 pm

For many people, a Land Rover Range Rover is a dream car that seems unattainable. Driven by celebrities and wealthy people, it’s a statement car that is also great to drive. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make a Range Rover affordable to drive. The Different Models Before we can move on […]

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