by , 25th Nov 20 12:05 pm

A pre-existing back issue has forced Autogeful’s Thomas to squat walk during the review of the new Fiat 500e. The all-new generation Fiat 500e is 96-percent new and is now slightly longer and wider than the previous generation. As you may have guessed the 500e is a pure electric car, it’s actually based on the […]

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by , 9th Nov 20 11:14 am

Rumors are swelling that Lotus is deep into the development phase of a pure electric SUV that could launch in 2022. A Lotus SUV has been touted for the last four years, primarily to tap into the demand for SUVs in particular premium/luxury SUVs. SUVs are cash king at the moment. Every other sports car […]

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by , 26th Oct 20 10:19 am

Being a top-rated YouTuber is like having an all-access invite to exclusive all-access invites. And JerryRigEverything is a top-rated YouTuber who is famed for breaking and taking apart tech-gadgets. The YouTuber gives his channel subscribers an exclusive first tour of the Hummer EV. The only invite the Daily Car Blog gets these days is to […]

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by , 2nd Sep 20 12:16 pm

Volkswagen’s copy/paste product development handbook has struck again. The iD3 EV is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome and has identified with its hostage-takers into thinking it is a Skoda. The iD3 has even assumed a new identity, it is now called the Skoda Enyak iV. The so-called Volkswagen Skoda Enyak has even undergone life-altering surgery […]

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by , 24th Aug 20 8:33 pm

Bad news if you placed an order for your £2.4 million Lotus Evija, you might just have to stay moored on your luxury yacht for a further extra 5 months. Lotus recently announced a delay in production, which means if you were first to place an order you won’t receive until one until mid-2021. The […]

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