by , 15th Jul 20 2:44 pm

It’s here, it’s finally here, der Neue BMW iX3 pure electric X3, ergo iX3. the first fully electric der BMW SUV. We anticipate the BMW iX3 will be shockingly expensive, BMW’s mostly are. But the early phase of this electric car re-revolution (electric cars have been around for over 100 years) will hit early adopters […]

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by , 13th Feb 20 10:56 am

The advanced and rather brilliant Audi e-Tron 50 is the new entry-level model within the e-Tron eco-system. Those interested in buying the entry-level variant will save around £7,000 GBP. Which means you still have to fork out £60,000 to get behind the future of motoring today. For that entry-level asking price you get two electric […]

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by , 19th Nov 19 11:19 am

So… the Ford Mustang Mach-E is no Mustang it’s a pure electric SUV. Personally, I would normally consider not buying a Ford… any Ford. And I would not buy a pure electric Ford. An electric Ford vehicle is akin to taking paracetamol in that it will stop you from having aches and pains but the […]

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by , 27th Jun 19 10:55 am

They may have a limited range of models for a modern day automotive manufacture but even MG Motor UK (formerly known as MG) is offering a Hybrid and EV model. The MG ZS EV will go on sale in September. We’re not too sure when the Hybrid is going to be launched but we reckon […]

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by , 20th Dec 18 1:08 pm

Founded 4 years ago NIO is a Tesla killer. Well, the company wasn’t founded to be a Tesla killer but can NIO’s range of electric cars really take on the benchmark for electric cars? The media refers to NIO’s billionaire founder as China’s “Elon Musk”. NIO raised $2.1bn in funding and went public on the […]

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