by , 11th Oct 21 12:14 pm

This is no plain ordinary Toyota Supra, if it was it would be crushed by the Ferrari 488 Pista. The Supra has indeed been modified to pump out 1,300bhp and it exists to eat 1 mile straights in a bid to beat the most powerful supercars currently available on the market. The victim is a […]

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by , 6th Aug 20 11:43 am

Viewing not required… because we already revealed what happens in the banner headlines. The Tesla Model 3 Performance, hands down, beats a Yamaha R6 sportbike. The Yamaha R6 costs £12,000, it is powered by a 599.8 cc transverse inline 4 cylinder engine and weighs 190kg (419IL). The R6 has around 120bhp, is able to reach […]

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by , 28th Jul 20 9:39 am

What do you get when you drag race a Corvette and a Mustang against one another on the track? It could be the punchline of a bad joke, but when those two cars are the new C8 Z51 and the Shelby GT500, you’ve got the makings of a rather spectacular race. That’s precisely what Youtube […]

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by , 14th Jul 20 11:29 am

Carwow’s Mat Watson duels it out with the drag race to end all drag races in in the future vs the past and present future. This particular battle sees the Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs the Porsche 911 Turbo S. The Taycan’s Turbo S prefix is used purely for marketing purposes, whereas the 911 Turbo […]

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by , 28th Sep 17 12:11 pm

You will rue the day if you ever thought the car, a car powered by an internal combustion engine was ever going to be usurped by a pure electric car. Thankfully McLaren Automotive isn’t going to give up on the V8 just yet for one such engine supplanted in the 720S has defeated a Tesla P100D Ludricous. […]

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