by , 1st Jul 21 2:52 pm

Because they are MUPPETS! the entire corporate side of Jaguar is full of MUPPETS! And that’s why Jaguar is failing to protect production crews at its Halewood, Merseyside factory. Yet another Covid-19 outbreak has stopped production. The first outbreak in January brought production to a full halt. As for the second outbreak, Jaguar has cited […]

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by , 7th Apr 21 11:58 am

The Mercedes CLS, shrouded under a dark cloud of low demand, has fled the USA. Americans have abandoned sleek 4-door coupes for SUVs and pickup trucks. Pickup trucks allow Americans to retro-fit deadly automatic rifles for outdoor hunting pursuits, killing bears and mass shootings. You can’t do that in a Mercedes CLS Coupe. In Europe, […]

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by , 5th Nov 20 11:25 am

As the coronavirus pandemic enters a second perhaps more deadly wave, new car sales within the European Union are unsurprisingly experiencing a decrease in demand. Key markets in Germany France, Spain and Italy are experiencing falling sales. New car sales in France fell by 10 percent, while new car registrations in Germany fell by 3.6 […]

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by , 6th Aug 20 11:07 am

The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted the world in ways not imagined. Six months in and the effects of Covid-19 linger. And you don’t have to be infected to be affected. BMW just posted a quarterly loss for the first time since 2009. Between April and June 2020 BMW suffered a loss of $787 million. In […]

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by , 31st Jul 20 9:22 pm

The biggest casualty of the British Grand Prix was not Alex Albon’s 2nd practice crash. The crash can be recovered. However, Sergio Perez needs time to recover after testing positive for Covid-19. The Mexican who drives for Racing Point was sidelined for 10 days after flying home to Mexico for two days to visit his […]

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