by , 4th Jun 21 3:25 pm

Sir David Beckham has become an investor in sustainable mobility. The former footballing ace becomes a 10 percent shareholder of Lunaz, an automotive tech startup up that fully upcycles and converts classic era motor vehicles into fully electric cars using Lunaz specific proprietary technology. Lunaz concentrates on taking classic cars stripping them down to the […]

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by , 22nd Sep 20 3:34 pm

Sure, new vehicles produced today are pretty fantastic. They have all the bells and whistles and are generally all about comfort and luxury. However, you can’t beat the nostalgia and class of a classic car. The problem is, high-quality, fully restored ones are both expensive and in short supply.  If you have a car in […]

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by , 12th Feb 20 11:17 am

Unlike real estate, stocks, and modern-day cars, a classic car is often a sound investment. If you buy it for an affordable price and intend to do it up, you may find that you’ve got an investment parked in your garage, rather than a liability.  However, getting from project to completion is a long and […]

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by , 11th Feb 20 3:04 pm

Not many people can afford to buy a new car after a few years. However, there are old cars that look old but have a second chance at life. Most of us don’t need to feel discouraged and sad when after several years of driving a few fixes can make your old car feel new […]

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by , 20th Apr 19 8:17 pm

Many people fantasize about owning an iconic classic vehicle and restoring it to its earlier glory. Whatever your reason for restoring a classic car, the idea can be both romantic and exciting. But there are essential factors to consider when picking out the vehicle you’ll spend thousands of bucks on and hundreds of hours restoring. […]

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