by , 4th Sep 19 4:27 pm

Here it is the Honda E in final production form factor and it looks more or less unchanged from the concept Honda previewed earlier in the year. This is strictly a city car, or a short-range pure electric car for city folks. It is pure Honda, part retro in appearance yet suitably modern. The Honda […]

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by , 27th Jun 19 10:04 am

This is the all-new 2020 Vauxhall Corsa generation 5. The first thing you notice is that small is no longer small in the automotive industry. Bigger is the new small as is the case with the 2020 Vauxhall Corsa. The Corsa will be offered with an all-electric model which will follow a few months after […]

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by , 15th Jan 19 1:45 pm

Openly admitting that no one buys a city car before the review has even begun, isn’t a great way to start a comparison test. So why review a city car? Well, the Aussie bloke journo-hack is a car reviewer… mate. Reviewing cars is part of his job. Aussies, in general, don’t buy into the city car philosophy, indeed […]

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by , 8th Aug 16 4:18 pm

When it comes to choosing a car, you have to consider what you want out of it. But, you also need to think about what the car can offer you. This is an important investment; one of the most important you’ll make in your life. So choosing something like a Hyundai just makes perfect sense. […]

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by , 16th May 16 7:25 pm

A Russian based start-up company will be heading to Mondial de l’Automobile in October with a prototype that will aim rival four-seat city cars like the Smart ForFour and iconic Fiat 500. Unlike its modern rivals, the Mirrow Provocator is just short of 205 cm tall, a good foot taller than the average person. It measures just […]

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