by , 14th Jun 21 3:37 pm

Geely Autos has sharpened its coloring pencils and lined up a good supply of crayons for the reveal of its latest concept, Vision Starburst. Starburst previews the future Geely product pipeline. Which is technical jargon for new car launches. Vision Starburst is a four-door saloon with look-at-me front and rear scissor doors. Inside and out […]

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by , 19th Apr 21 3:37 pm

It is with a heavy heart that we place the Audi A7 sedan into the category of the worst car of the week. We never imagined this day would happen and we are struggling to take it all in. The Audi A7 sedan is an abomination, a rare styling mistake from a brand consistently “killing […]

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by , 7th Apr 21 2:40 pm

This is MG’s vision of the future – the MG Cyberster concept car. Set to debut at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show later this month, the Cyberster – developed by the team at the MG Advanced Design Centre in London – is a two-door, two-seater sports car recalling the brand’s tradition, drawing a number of […]

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by , 2nd Feb 21 2:21 pm

Lawrence Stroll, the world’s poorest billionaire, has apparently awoken from his Scrooge McDuck like slumber and finally realized that his ownership of both Aston Martin road cars and Aston Martin F1 could very quickly eat into his personal $2bn fortune. Aston Martin is $1 billion in debt and possibly requires at least another $1 billion […]

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by , 11th Jan 21 11:06 am

China is going through a cultural revolution at the moment, a design culture revolution. And, as with any revolutions, the intentions start well but rarely do revolutions end well. And so it is for poor unfortunate Hongqi, a company that began life under communist China, making cars exclusively for high ranking government officials. But China […]

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