by , 12th Feb 20 11:35 am

When you opt to relocate from one area to another, it may be vital to ship a car to your new destination. Before shipment, it’s necessary to prepare the vehicle to ensure safe and expedient arrival. Making all the essential preparations greatly reduces the possibilities of any damages and their respective repair costs; it also […]

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by , 2nd Dec 19 8:46 pm

Imagine having to move from one place to another. This new place can be an area close to where you already live, or it can be on another continent. You will have to move everything from one continent to another. What if you have a car? How will that be possible? Well, in fact, it […]

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by , 6th Nov 19 8:22 pm

When you move, you are usually responsible for moving yourself, your family and any of your belongings that do not go with the movers. Moving across to another state may seem like a fun and memorable way to move a car from one state to another, but considering that road travel can be stressful on […]

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