by , 10th Jun 21 8:21 am

The moments after a car crash can be confusing, frightening and frustrating, especially when you are not at fault. Your health should be your first priority, and getting your car repaired comes later. Serious car damage can affect your family schedule, commute, and overall mobility, and you want to address the repair process as efficiently […]

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by , 26th Mar 21 10:31 am

Wear and tear is something to be expected when owning an older car. Below are just some of the most common mechanical problems that affect older cars – and how you can protect yourself against these problems. Burnt out clutch Burn out clutches are one of the most common mechanical problems in older manual cars. […]

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by , 3rd Mar 21 5:50 pm

Selling your old car may seem like a simple enough task to achieve, but there are all sorts of issues you could run into. After all, you will want to make sure that you get the best price possible, but also make the experience of preparing for, and selling, as fast and as easy as […]

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by , 22nd May 18 3:35 pm

Breaking down in the middle of a journey can be very scary indeed, especially if it happens on a busy highway when there is a lot of fast-moving traffic passing you buy. Unfortunately, as it can be very difficult to predict when a breakdown will occur, they often surprise us as the worst possible moments […]

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by , 16th May 18 11:05 am

It’s no secret that cars can be enormously expensive. Once purchased, the costs only get higher, as they eventually become riddled with all kinds of maintenance costs that can plague the new owner. However, many owners never see them coming, and often don’t have the know-how or willpower to accept the reality that cars are […]

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