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When your car has been with you for a long time, it will show signs of aging. Especially if you don’t properly take care of it, your car will look old sooner than you would like. Here are some ways to keep your car look new. To make your car look new, you have to […]

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by , 26th Feb 19 10:02 am

3As spring rolls around, many people start cleaning up their favorite spots they’ve been hanging out at all winter long. For me, that’s the couch, TV and that grungy remote. What may not spring to mind immediately, though, is your car. It’s definitely something you should do, especially considering all those coffee spills and hidden […]

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by , 3rd Jan 18 12:49 pm

Nothing brings the life back to a good ride than a real good clean. It’s why we hook ourselves up with top rated car vacuum and the best cleaning gear. Want to take your ride to the highest level of clean?  We’ve got these easy tips to help you do just that. The brush and […]

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