by , 22nd Feb 21 10:03 am

Karma Automotive, the back from the dead maker of luxury hybrids, is peddling its latest offering, the Karma GS-6 hybrid. Originally founded in 2008 by Henrik Fisker, with a generous loan of $500 million of federal loans, Fisker Automotive was an early prospector in the hybrid-electric luxury motoring segment. They went on to create the […]

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by , 27th Jan 21 2:06 pm

California, Hidden Hills and this awesome classically styled $19 million mega mansion. Realtor and YouTuber Enes Yimazer takes you on a guided tour of a $19 million dollar house, nestled in an ultra-exclusive enclave of California. The so-called Hidden Hills is a city and gated community in the Santa Monica Mountains region of Los Angeles […]

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by , 19th Oct 20 1:32 pm

Enes Yilmazer, property developer by day and YouTuber by day, tours a $10,000,000 luxury Californian mega-mansion. The property has been re-developed and is modeled on classic Spanish Villa architecture that is popular throughout old California. Enes Yilmazer points out that the property is set in Alamo, CA within a plot of 5.18 acres lot / […]

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by , 10th May 20 6:59 pm

A bitter spat has developed between the conspiracy theorist billionaire owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, and the state of California. Musk is incandescent with discontent at Californian state officials for ordering Tesla to remain closed during the Covid-19 crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the U.S. hard and without mercy. The state of California ordered […]

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by , 25th Feb 19 10:16 am

La La Land is a complete fantasy of a 21st-century musical. And believe me, we tried to justify including La La Land on this blog. The opening sequence is the most relevant for a carblog to cover. How many carblogs (award-winning…AHEM!) include an article about a musical fantasy? But the opening of this movie bothers us […]

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