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Are you a petrol head? Do you love the smell of burning rubber? Seriously, if you are fanatical about cars and have always wanted to do one up either for your enjoyment, out of necessity, or to make some money selling it on, here are some important things to consider when buying a car to […]

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by , 18th Oct 19 1:05 pm

Buying a car abroad can be a great option if you are looking to access different makes and models for less money. Here are some things to consider when buying a car abroad. Currency Conversions Buying a car abroad may seem like a good idea financially, but you want to ensure that what you’re buying […]

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by , 4th Jun 19 3:41 pm

Buying a car is probably one of the biggest purchases we will ever make besides buying a house. Yet all too often we fail to put a lot of thought and effort into the purchase. This is probably because it is something that we all really hate doing. We’re terrified of making the wrong purchase […]

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