by , 7th Jan 21 12:13 pm

Are you a petrol head? Do you love the smell of burning rubber? Seriously, if you are fanatical about cars and have always wanted to do one up either for your enjoyment, out of necessity, or to make some money selling it on, here are some important things to consider when buying a car to […]

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by , 29th Sep 20 3:19 pm

There are many types of cars in the market, and new models are released each year. Buying a car and choosing one from the wide selection can be a problem, especially if your knowledge of cars is limited. However, you can find the right one by asking yourself three questions, and the answers will guide […]

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by , 26th Oct 18 4:31 pm

While manufacturers are great at enticing us to buy their cars and are proficient at delivering us the best bits of the model, they are a little more reluctant to offer out information regarding the cost of repair and maintenance. Discovering this information for yourself can be difficult, so here is a guide to instruct […]

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by , 2nd May 18 11:27 pm

Modern cars can take voice commands and park themselves. Some can even help you find an empty parking spot. But we can’t all drive the latest and greatest, and sometimes, it’s simpler to add a feature to your existing car than spend the money to get a new one. There are a lot of ways […]

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