by , 21st Nov 19 10:00 am

The 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix was action-packed, maybe not from start to finish but it certainly had a beginning, somewhat boring middle, and furious and entertaining finish. Verstappen twice lost the lead and twice fought back on track with Lewis Hamilton to claim victory. But the real talking point was the current situation at the […]

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by , 6th Sep 19 3:01 pm

Scotty Kilmer is on the warpath with auto parts store. He “terminates” O’Reilly Auto Parts. The basic summation is don’t go to an auto parts store before you price compare. And don’t forget about customer service. In the most obvious bit of advice, we have ever seen Kilmer rambles on for what seems like an […]

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by , 27th Jan 16 4:07 pm

It appears a professional designer in Brazil can’t wait any longer for the Bugatti Chiron which will be officially revealed at next month’s Geneva Motorshow. We don’t know what the Chiron will look like from a style perspective but Guilherme Kataoka has decided to take it upon himself to render a Roadster concept. There are many artistic […]

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by , 25th Jan 16 10:40 am

Jaguar Land Rover has reason to celebrate, business is booming, for Land Rover at least. After years of uncertain progress under Ford JLR can finally leave the past behind and high five it’s future with current owners Tata Motors. During 2015 Land Rover made more cars than any other UK based car manufacturer to become the biggest car maker […]

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by , 23rd Oct 15 12:41 pm

When you have got to deliver that load of goods and produce you have to do whatever it takes to get the delivery completed on time. And if you live in a remote region of Brazil delivering gets even tougher when you have to use a heavy and rickety old goods vehicle. The problem is […]

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