by , 29th Jun 20 12:13 pm

The Bentley Mulsanne launched over 10 years ago, it is the last of the truly great British Bentley’s, the pinnacle of the brand’s very identity and heritage. And now Bentley has decided to call time on the Mulsanne, we drove one a few years back and it was everything thing you expect from old school […]

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by , 1st May 20 11:19 am

Bentley’s optional carbon fibre Pack for the Continental GT and Bentayga doesn’t have a specific brand name. Well, it does, Bentley refers to it as the Styling Specification, which is like calling an AI automated cyborg a… remote control machine. So what does the model-specific carbon fibre Styling Specification add? It includes the following, a […]

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by , 19th Feb 20 3:47 pm

Mercedes is planning end sales of the S Class Coupe and Cabriolet when the next generation S Class saloon/sedan is introduced in 2021. Mercedes is discontinuing the S Class Coupe and Cabriolet due to a number of factors. The company is in the middle of a cost-cutting plan that will see 15,000 job loses. Add […]

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by , 6th Feb 20 11:09 am

The world was a different place in 1999. Being a Millennial it’s hard to believe I am actually just a few years older than this Bentley stretch Limo from 1999. Doug Demuro points out that this is no aftermarket stretch limo but a factory order. This Bentley was made when Rolls Royce and Bentley were […]

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by , 17th Jan 20 10:40 am

Time is the enemy for all of us even inanimate non-sentient objects such as the Bentley Mulsanne. The Mulsanne moniker has graced the Bentley line up since the 1980s. With changing consumer tastes and tougher emissions regulations the age of the Mulsanne has drawn to an end. What a magnificent and elegant car it was,  […]

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