by , 9th Feb 21 5:02 pm

Cold Fusion YouTube channel man certainly thinks so, in his opinion Toyota has or is close to cracking the solid-state battery safe. So what is a solid-state battery? Well, it is the equivalent of nuclear fusion of battery technology and offers significant and superior energy density over any other type of battery. The clue is […]

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by , 11th Oct 19 3:04 pm

Widely dubbed as the inventor of the Lithium-ion battery, Dr. John Goodenough talks about the future of battery technology. Even though he invented a battery that is powering modern-day electric cars, Dr. John Goodenough still believes lithium-ion batteries have too many disadvantages. Goodenough points out that Tesla has over 7,000 batterie cells. However, he also […]

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by , 3rd Jul 19 8:35 pm

When you are purchasing a new battery for your car, it is important that you purchase one of good quality. The better the quality you get, the better it will serve you. Here’s a news flash though, regardless of the quality of the car battery you purchase, there will come a time when it will […]

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by , 5th Feb 19 4:20 pm

Did you know that the cost of a Tesla battery pack has been cut in half and capacity has been increased by 60 percent since 2008. That sounds like progress. And it is. But if electric cars are to offer the convenience of an ICE car then there is still much more progress to make. […]

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