by , 29th Dec 19 8:53 pm

If you work for a prestigious motoring publication you get access, pure access to the Disneyland cars. But enough about the Daily Car Blog for our focus is on Autocar’s YouTube feature of the BMW 3 Series. The video is clearly listed as promoted content. We don’t know if Autocar is promoting their annual Awards […]

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by , 29th Nov 19 3:55 pm

Hello illiterate plebians and fellow pariahs, Jeremiah here, been away for a while. Had to get a proper job as I couldn’t stand the poverty wages motoring journalism pays. So I decided to head eastwards… towards the Square Mile where a nice plum investment bank job was awaiting me. I don’t know what the job […]

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by , 18th Jul 19 11:12 am

Kudos to the Drivetribe audience acquisition director, no longer do they have to buy YouTube audience to boost video views. The secret was already there, Clarkson, Hammond, and May. A video fronted by James May is guaranteed to get a minimum 500k views in just a couple of days. Top YouTubers and advertisers kill for […]

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by , 10th Oct 17 12:30 pm

If ever there was a perfect match then very British Rolls Royce and Autocar are just so. Thankfully Autocar spent a bit of money on hiring a good amateur cameraman who just happened to have finished filming Bob and Marie’s wedding in Hull before being whisked away to film. The all-new very British Rolls Royce Phantom sits […]

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