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Volkswagen owned Bentley Motors is being sent to the Gym in order to get financially fit. A rigorous new fitness regime is being developed by Herbert Diess (VW CEO) who plans to off-load overall responsibility of the Bentley brand into Audi’s luxury internment camp. In other words, Volkswagen is planning to cut development costs by […]

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by , 20th Oct 20 1:32 pm

Imagine an action movie about a domesticated shopper just going about his everyday business. And the movie stars Tom Cruise, a normal average guy living his life day-by-day. Shopping, watching TV, playing video games, working from home etc. Admittedly it’s not the basis of a good script. But a few seconds of the movie is […]

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by , 3rd Sep 20 11:12 am

If you really want an Audi, at a non-astronomical cost, that will meet your daily transport needs with practicality to spare, then perhaps you should consider the Audi Q2 compact SUV. No. You should only ever consider the Audi Q2 and none other, because at £23,500 for the entry-level Technik gets you Audi style at […]

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by , 30th Jul 20 1:29 pm

Headlight technology has seen a rapid evolution at Audi in recent decades. Audi has long been driving the development of rear-lighting systems. Audi’s latest development now makes it the first automotive brand to digitise the taillights with OLED technology. Audi first introduced organic light-emitting diodes (so-called OLEDs), as far back as in 2016. Now digitalisation […]

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by , 17th Jul 20 12:08 pm

Time is a friend to no one. As time progresses, change is inevitable. And so it is that time has caught up with the Audi R8. Audi announced, about a year ago, of their intention to end R8 production. It’s partly down to slowing sales and partly down to stricter emissions regulations and laws. The […]

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