by , 30th Jul 20 1:29 pm

Headlight technology has seen a rapid evolution at Audi in recent decades. Audi has long been driving the development of rear-lighting systems. Audi’s latest development now makes it the first automotive brand to digitise the taillights with OLED technology. Audi first introduced organic light-emitting diodes (so-called OLEDs), as far back as in 2016. Now digitalisation […]

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by , 17th Jul 20 12:08 pm

Time is a friend to no one. As time progresses, change is inevitable. And so it is that time has caught up with the Audi R8. Audi announced, about a year ago, of their intention to end R8 production. It’s partly down to slowing sales and partly down to stricter emissions regulations and laws. The […]

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by , 8th Jul 20 2:32 pm

Audi keeps on delivering and delivering. And just when you thought they have given the best they can give they pull yet another rabbit out of the hat. The ‘rabbit’ in this particular case is the Audi Q4 e-Tron a full concept EV. Make no mistake for it is, by definition, a concept. Every Audi […]

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by , 30th Jun 20 11:24 am

Yes, Audi Yes. You have done it again. What have they done again you may well ask? The updated/facelifted Audi Q5. Even an Audi facelift is done better than any other manufacturer. On the outside new front and rear bumper designs increases the length of the vehicle by 19mm. You will also notice new LED […]

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by , 10th Mar 20 1:42 pm

This spy shot reveals nothing other than the Audi eTron GT wrapped in camouflage. The eTron naming convention denotes an all-electric vehicle. In this case, the eTron GT is a low slung, 4-door sedan and will be based on the 2018 Geneva Motorshow concept. The 2018 eTron GT Concept looked like a low slung A7 […]

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