by , 4th Jun 20 1:14 pm

In our opinion, which is rarely if ever heard, Audi is perfection built on a solid base of perfectionism. From design, engineering to build, everything Audi does has a measured approach, like a sculpturer… doing his or her sculptury-type-thing. We really ought to work on the grandiose rhetoric, but Audi can do no wrong because […]

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by , 31st Oct 19 3:59 pm

Audi’s electrified product strategy is growing, five plug-in hybrid models have been or are scheduled to be introduced in the second half of 2019 alone. The Audi A6 55 TFSI e plug-in hybrid is one such model, using a power system first debuted in the Q5 plug-in Hybrid. With a 367PS system output and an […]

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by , 1st Mar 18 12:30 pm

The all-new A6 is here, move over BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class, its a slightly bolder look now with subtle flame-surfacing detail that marks out the new generation A6 from its predecessor. The A6 has always been a de-scaled version of the A8 and so the design language continues to follow this known heritage into 2018. The […]

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by , 27th Feb 15 3:39 pm

The mid-sized executive saloon sector is one of the most fiercely fought frontlines within the car industry get it wrong and you end up with egg on your face, get it right and you end up with the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class. Honda tried to break this Saxon stranglehold with the […]

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by , 28th Oct 14 9:30 am

They were the best of times they were the worst of times, and now for the Audi A6 Hybrid there will be no more time as the age old maxim “Vorsrpung Durch Technik” has failed to spark the interest of the green brigade charlatans. The Ingolstadt company is privately withdrawing the A6 hybrid from the market. The A6 hybrid […]

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