by , 23rd Mar 21 10:46 am

We are not completely on-board with Aston Martin’s so-called return to Formula One. If you strip away the 21st-century fanfare and look back in time (to the 1959 and 1960 Formula One season) then you will find a heritage of failure. Aston Martin entered 6 races and the results were so miserable that they never […]

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by , 26th Feb 21 1:00 pm

It was 2018 and Aston Martin had finally set itself on a financially course-corrected trajectory. Sales were brimming with 6,441 cars delivered, almost back to 2007 levels. However, the company has seen a reversal of fortunes since then. More losses followed in 2019, £120 million, most of which was pocketed by investors and shareholders. Aston […]

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by , 2nd Feb 21 2:21 pm

Lawrence Stroll, the world’s poorest billionaire, has apparently awoken from his Scrooge McDuck like slumber and finally realized that his ownership of both Aston Martin road cars and Aston Martin F1 could very quickly eat into his personal $2bn fortune. Aston Martin is $1 billion in debt and possibly requires at least another $1 billion […]

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by , 3rd Dec 20 10:46 am

Aston Martin has become embroiled in the most stupidest controversy all of its own making. The Guardian recently reported that the maker of luxury performance sports cars commissioned a climate study that cast doubt on the carbon footprint of electric vehicles. The study claims electric vehicles have to accumulate 50,000 miles before matching the carbon […]

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by , 13th Nov 20 1:21 pm

The names Bond… James Bond, one of the most famous movie quips of all time. Always copied never bettered, the quote will always belong to the late Sean Connery who recently passed away aged 90. The name’s Bond, James Bond was uttered by Connery in the first-ever Bond movie Dr No. The franchise has spawned […]

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