by , 29th Jun 20 9:14 am

Thanks, Volkswagen thank you very bloody much. You could have informed us prior to receiving our bloody irritating Arteon long-termer of your intention to comprehensively update the bloody irritating Arteon. And here it is complete with an all-new estate derivative to further irritate the hell out of us. Now, VW is referring to the estate […]

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by , 19th Jun 20 4:53 pm

As a young child heading off to my Grandparent’s vineyard in the South of France, during my summer holidays, I most looked forward to seeing the Concorde on the way to Heathrow airport. Actually, I never saw it in flight, never even saw it parked on the runway. But I did hear it, often as […]

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by , 3rd Mar 20 10:04 am

The VW Arteon… very few people are actually buying an Arteon, an admittedly svelt looking, self-styled premium 5-door fastback/hatchback. That’s why this Arteon, in general, is a little bit odd for Volkswagen. Odd, in that the Arteon is a design statement from a company famed for no-nonsense simple, for-the-people, styling. But here’s the deal, the […]

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by , 30th Jul 19 11:21 am

It appears as though VW is planning for a no-deal Brexit and the Arteon SE is the entry-level model proof. The Arteon SE will start at a not too unreasonable £33,000 GBP (Great Brexit Pounds). This is a classic product/price positioning strategy that will appeal to zealots and bigots who desire unwanted peoples to “go […]

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by , 16th Mar 17 2:35 pm

VW have given the Passat based CC a thoroughly revised look from head to toe but don’t call it the new Passat CC. It’s now called the Arteon a five door grand tourer with a coupe like profile. Positioned above the Passat, the Arteon is designed to offer a more premium class driving experience both inside and […]

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