by , 7th Apr 21 11:58 am

The Mercedes CLS, shrouded under a dark cloud of low demand, has fled the USA. Americans have abandoned sleek 4-door coupes for SUVs and pickup trucks. Pickup trucks allow Americans to retro-fit deadly automatic rifles for outdoor hunting pursuits, killing bears and mass shootings. You can’t do that in a Mercedes CLS Coupe. In Europe, […]

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by , 4th Dec 17 12:51 pm

OK, so you may have seen this already, the new third-generation CLS was revealed last week. It appears that Mercedes have reversed the styling direction of the bloated second-generation CLS in favor of an evolution of the 2003 first-generation model. Confused? you might well be but the results speak for themselves, the new CLS is […]

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by , 7th Mar 16 2:27 pm

Jaguar has just released the F-Pace on top of that its got a rather tasty product portfolio perhaps the best in it’s rollercoaster history. Sales during the period of February were up by 208 percent in the UK for the premium luxury maker of cars. The increase of 208 percent sounds spectacular doesn’t it, that is […]

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