by , 22nd Feb 21 10:03 am

Karma Automotive, the back from the dead maker of luxury hybrids, is peddling its latest offering, the Karma GS-6 hybrid. Originally founded in 2008 by Henrik Fisker, with a generous loan of $500 million of federal loans, Fisker Automotive was an early prospector in the hybrid-electric luxury motoring segment. They went on to create the […]

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by , 20th Feb 21 6:33 pm

Here it is, the all-new generation Honda HR-V compact SUV, and it looks OK for a Honda. The issue we have with Honda is their focus on bland and derivative styling. Mechanically they build solid and reliable cars, but they just need to add a bit of fizz into their vehicle design language. Not much, […]

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by , 20th Feb 21 5:48 pm

Mat Watson has sensationally quit Carwow to model full-time for Burberry, the British luxury fashion brand. Waston has come a long way since his early days as a miner where he was specifically selected to replace the underground canary bird. Then, after a brief spell as a rag and bone man, he left his trusty […]

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by , 19th Feb 21 7:32 pm

Once upon a time, a big tough truck was all about mechanical dominance. Today’s trucks don’t rely so strictly on the bigger-is-best doctrine. The Ford F150 is a good case in point. If you were to go back in time, you’d find much heavier parts and materials at work in this well-known truck. Today, you […]

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by , 19th Feb 21 3:51 pm

That someone is concept artist Yasid Oozeear has put his Wacom Tablet and pen to serious use with his depiction of this concept Dodge Challenger SRT Pickup Truck. The London-based freelance artist specializes in vehicle design. One day, upon a sudden, he was guided by a mysterious light that echoed into his mind the thought, […]

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