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During a recent media interview, the CEO of Aston Martin, Tobias Moers, outlined his vision for the next generation DB11 and Vantage. The front-engine sports cars will switch to an all-electric source of power, that is to say, pure electric powertrains. This is a surprise because there have been suggestions from the company that the […]

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Hoping to purchase a car? You’ll need to choose between getting a used vs new car. One offers benefits that the other can’t. That said, which one is a better deal for the money you have? Wonder no more, we’re here to dissect the pros and cons of both choices for you. Discover more by […]

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Imagine you are manufacturing a new electric car. But you don’t want to use current lithium-ion battery technology because they are too heavy, have inefficient energy density and as we all know weight is a big killer in the electric car game. Then you hear of a breakthrough, what if the battery forms part of […]

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For over 25 years Volkswagen lied, cheated and deceived about the true emissions value of their diesel powertrains. They lied about the emissions ratings. They rolled out their over-educated men in suits to rubber-stamp their lies and the compliant motoring media gave them awards to celebrate the deception. The World Health Organisation estimates many thousands […]

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When your car has been with you for a long time, it will show signs of aging. Especially if you don’t properly take care of it, your car will look old sooner than you would like. Here are some ways to keep your car look new. To make your car look new, you have to […]

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