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Former Jordan F1 team boss Eddie Jordan has fired a warning shot at Lewis Hamilton. During a media interview, Jordan said of Sir Lewis that “everyone is replaceable”. He was referring to Hamilton’s on-going contract negotiations with Mercedes F1. Let’s debate as to why he is totally wrong. To begin with, Jordan is correct, everyone […]

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by , 18th Jan 21 1:05 pm

A roof box is a great way for your family to expand the storage space that your car offers when you will be on the road. Rather than leaving behind your significant gear or letting everyone in the car feel uncomfortable, investing in a cargo carrier is a perfect idea. The US Travel Association states […]

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by , 18th Jan 21 11:33 am

Being a Tesla Driver is not too dissimilar to stepping into the future because it is the future. Most Teslas are equipped with advanced Sentry Mode monitoring cameras. Turns out there are Tesla haters in this world. Teslacams all over the world have captured haters damaging parked vehicles. Why? we will never know. Jealousy is […]

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by , 18th Jan 21 11:02 am

In a bid to boost new year sales BMW has released the X2 M Mesh Edition which is based entirely upon the M Sport X model trim. While the branding may sound ridiculous to mere mortals, to the BMW marketing team it’s a job well done. Nevertheless, the BMW X2 M Mesh Edition features exclusive […]

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by , 18th Jan 21 10:27 am

We get the electrification strategy many automakers are transitioning towards, save the planet end starvation. An electrified car is kind-of-like Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader. Whereas Darth Vader had style, Honda appear to give the impression that attention grabbing design doesn’t mesh into the brand’s sanitised corporate DNA. Sure Honda is consistently a reliable […]

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