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The Tiguan is Volkswagen’s best selling vehicle. But to us here at DCB HQ the Volkswagen Tiguan is simply bloody awful. And now for those Of you who reside in Germany’s Federal European Republic can now get your hands on the Tiguan R. Our dislike of the Tiguan stems from our long term experience of […]

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When driving in winter the road becomes a lot riskier when there’s snow or ice covering it. Ice smoothens out the road surface, reducing the necessary friction. Hence, for your safety, it’s best to avoid driving as much as possible when it’s winter. However, there are errands that need to be taken care of. If […]

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Yah’ll be sharin’ the road wit’ bad drivers, dudes so rude they ain’t gotta clue wit’ what day it is let alone what year. Anyway folks, bad drivers exist everywhere, it is a problem that afflicts every region of the car-owning world. It’s racist to assume that Anglo-Saxon Americas and Canadians are solely responsible for […]

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His taste in suits made his name at Lamborghini from 2005 to 2016. And his suits continued to make his name when he became President of Bugatti from 2016 to present. Lamborghini has missed Winkelmann’s suits to such an extent that he will re-join the company to become the President and CEO effective from December […]

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Being in an auto accident can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. If you’re lucky enough to get out of the accident without any injuries, your car may not be. Car damages, including dings and dents, are usually unsightly and expensive to repair, regardless of how minor they can be. However, the good news is […]

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