by , 6th Aug 20 11:07 am

The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted the world in ways not imagined. Six months in and the effects of Covid-19 linger. And you don’t have to be infected to be affected. BMW just posted a quarterly loss for the first time since 2009. Between April and June 2020 BMW suffered a loss of $787 million. In […]

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by , 4th Aug 20 2:24 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is, according to Forbes Magazine, around $405 million. And, according to Forbes Magazine, Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth grows by $109 million every god-damn year. That’s how much he earns, $109 million per year, partly from his football contract and a majority from sponsorships and endorsements. Even Ronaldo’s Instagram has a high […]

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by , 4th Aug 20 12:39 pm

General Motors recently revealed plans to crush, kill, destroy Tesla with a direct rival for the Cybertruck. The GM Hummer EV will be an all-electric pickup that is scheduled to go on sale in 2021. According to GM, the Hummer EV will be the “world’s first super truck.” Which sound’s good if you work in […]

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by , 4th Aug 20 11:17 am

Carwow doesn’t just do YouTube videos that are used as comedic props by the presenter and former Brummie, now Surrey resident, Mat Watson. They are a kind-of digital reseller and earn a small commission for every car bought through the Carwow buying platform. The Carwow platform has a user base of 1 million potential buyers. […]

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by , 4th Aug 20 10:54 am

Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes, who tried and thankfully failed to sacrifice their Spanish workforce to Covid-19, have revealed that the updated ergo facelifted E Class is now on sale in the UK. Prices start from £39,000. As with all mid-cycle updates, the exterior is limited to minor design changes. The reason being is because […]

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