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Founded by Jay Khan, Daily Car Blog was set up to become a fully enabled digital publisher focused on the automotive world, from car news, opinions and reviews. The motivation to setup DCB was taken as it became clear the old print media industry was beginning to decline due to the rise in the use of smartphones and tablet devices. DCB is made up of a small group of contributors, from across the globe each with their own take and interests within the automotive world. Our individual team members do not seek personal publicity to propel a specific career agenda, we simply prefer to put the news first.

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Daily Car Blog received the best UK carblog accolade for 2020 from and was recommended as one of the top 10 carblogs in the UK by 2018 was a good year as we received a third carblog award of 2018 from

Needless to say, as a result of our success we deal with many business enquires on a daily basis. If you want to work with us then please contact us on any of the preferred emails above. We typically aim to respond to email inquiries within the working day.

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