by , 28th May 20 2:15 pm

Over the past ten weeks Skoda has ensured aftersales facilities have remained open for emergency services, key workers, and emergency repairs. From June 1st further services will be safely reintroduced and adhere to all government guidelines. Working under government guidelines, Skoda will introduce a contactless service for customers collecting a new vehicle, which will be […]

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by , 29th Apr 20 7:17 pm

Though there have been some huge advances in the technology behind electric vehicles, not everybody is ready to make the leap. As hyped as Electric Vehicles have been, the picture is not totally rosy. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages. To know if an electric car is going to be right for you, you […]

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by , 24th Apr 20 2:55 pm

Billionaire Kid, Kylie Jenner, a fractional member of the Kardashian clan is, for want of a better word, a billionaire… at the age of 22. The billionaire kid made her fortune through her makeup and fashion empire courtesy of a huge online following and social media presence. The billionaire Kardashian has more money then she […]

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by , 23rd Apr 20 2:44 pm

Whether to buy or hire a cherry picker is a significant decision that one has to make. Most companies do not see the need to invest in cherry pickers since they feel like it will have limited use and not be worth the investment. While rental is the best option for those companies who are […]

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by , 17th Apr 20 2:48 pm

A survey of more than 700 people carried out by DrivingElectric has revealed that the Nissan Leaf to be the best-known electric car. Over 94% of respondents – surveyed across DrivingElectric said they had heard of the Leaf. Now in its second generation, the Nissan was the first pure-electric production car in the mainstream family […]

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