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Regenerative Braking is widely used in the electric car industry. It works by turning the car’s kinetic energy into electrical energy to charge the battery. The friction involved in turn slows down the car. If you have ever driven an electric car then you will feel how effective regenerative braking is. Indeed it is so […]

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by , 20th Aug 21 12:36 pm

At the Tesla AI Day event, Elon Musk made a surprise reveal, the so-called Tesla bot which will become a reality. Elon Musk didn’t give a timeline but he did reveal Tesla Bot will acquire technology used in the Model S, re-purchased, re-configured, and iterated to fit in a bipedal humanoid form. Tesla Bot will […]

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by , 23rd Jun 21 3:23 pm

Mustang owners are by definition no more intelligent than a donut. And these donut drivers are by definition no more intelligent than a donut crumb. What evidence are we using to make such a statement? YouTube. YouTube has become home to a graveyard of Mustang owners burying their pride and joy into a ditch with […]

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by , 19th May 21 10:56 am

If you think catching a bus during these Covid-19 pandemic times is fraught with dangers, then think again. While the developed world benefits from comparatively state-of-the-art public transport, the developing world has to make do with whatever they can get hold of. The world’s most dangerous bus routes are not for the faint-hearted.  In the […]

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by , 17th May 21 12:56 pm

Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. PEAR, ergo PEAR EV. This is the name given to a $30,000 EV, a joint collaboration with Fisker Inc and Foxconn. Yes, Foxconn the maker of computer chips and iPhones among other consumer electronics. Fisker Inc has become an expert in making bold announcements with very little to show for it. […]

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