by , 2nd Mar 21 5:08 pm

For quite some time, the EPA has pressured makers of driving vehicles to come up with efficient electric models. That led to electric golf carts being created. These vehicles have evolved quite a bit, to the point of being just as efficient as gas-powered golf carts while being far less noisy and considerably more environmentally […]

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by , 19th Nov 20 2:54 pm

Good arvo mate, i’m easy, ‘avin a nice chingawalla bevy with me mates as we watch the YouTube. Turns out Australia is full of driving drongos, far too many for my personal liking. The dunny is always over there but these driving drongos probably needed a dunny there and then. You won’t have a ripper […]

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by , 23rd Sep 20 4:10 pm

The updated Kia Stinger is revealed in its European specification for the first time today. Kia’s fastback sports saloon now boasts a refreshed exterior and interior design and a range of technology and safety upgrades. The exterior now features new multifaceted reflector LED headlamps. Its new design and LED daytime running lights.. At the rear, […]

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by , 9th Sep 20 12:44 pm

Don’t buy a brand new Lexus GS-F says Mr. Doug DeMuro. According to Mr. DeMuro the Lexus GS-F may be the performance variant of the GS range but it doesn’t offer much performance and the technology is outdated. Best to buy it used is Mr DeMuro’s advice. The Lexus GS is a BMW 5 Series […]

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by , 13th Aug 20 2:25 pm

Has Scotty Kilmer gone professional? He is now YouTubing professionally produced videos. Scripted videos with historically accurate facts and even makes use of licensed music. This is not what we come to expect of Scotty Kilmer. Some of his videos are professionally edited and it sounds as if Kilmer using a studio-quality microphone. Kilmer gives […]

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