by , 10th Jun 21 9:42 am

Why didn’t we (DCB HQ) start a YouTube channel I hear you say? Well, no one hears what we say except our audience, the dog and next-door neighbors cat. The cat especially sits outside staring at us through the window, disappointed why we never did YouTubing and instead opted for blogging. Not one of us […]

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by , 26th May 21 1:10 pm

When you are embarrassed for people you have no respect for, that is the worst kind of embarrassment to suffer. And the Ford UK press office has done it again by appropriating street talk, using street culture to sell the new Ranger Raptor Special Edition. It already sells itself. You do not need a press […]

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by , 17th May 21 2:36 pm

During Tesla’s battery day, yes such a nerd-fest day does exist, Elon Musk revealed the tabless battery. The tabless battery is what it is, a battery with no tabs at either end of the battery. Or the positive and negative terminals. By removing the tabs Tesla has significantly improved battery efficiency, longevity and reduced future […]

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by , 16th Mar 21 1:11 pm

James Hunt was one half of the BBC’s F1 commentary team in the early 1980s and 1990s. He was also a former F1 champion having won his one and only title with McLaren in 1976. He retired in 1979 citing a lack of competitive machinery was not worth risking his life for at a time […]

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by , 2nd Mar 21 5:08 pm

For quite some time, the EPA has pressured makers of driving vehicles to come up with efficient electric models. That led to electric golf carts being created. These vehicles have evolved quite a bit, to the point of being just as efficient as gas-powered golf carts while being far less noisy and considerably more environmentally […]

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