by , 12th Mar 21 2:57 pm

This low-mileage Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf 4-door saloon belongs in a museum. It is ultra-luxury decadence, the type of decadence you would associate with the ancient Pharaohs if they were alive today. But the owner decided he wasn’t yet ready for the afterlife and the Taraf was simply no longer the chariot of choice. The […]

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by , 25th Feb 21 2:33 pm

The e-tron GT is the first fully electric car from Audi to be built in Germany. It rolls off the line in the Audi Böllinger Höfe at the Neckarsulm site. The small-series production facility there has been expanded and converted for its new role. The skilled craftsmanship of the previous facility has been supplemented by […]

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by , 20th Feb 21 6:33 pm

Here it is, the all-new generation Honda HR-V compact SUV, and it looks OK for a Honda. The issue we have with Honda is their focus on bland and derivative styling. Mechanically they build solid and reliable cars, but they just need to add a bit of fizz into their vehicle design language. Not much, […]

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by , 9th Feb 21 5:02 pm

Cold Fusion YouTube channel man certainly thinks so, in his opinion Toyota has or is close to cracking the solid-state battery safe. So what is a solid-state battery? Well, it is the equivalent of nuclear fusion of battery technology and offers significant and superior energy density over any other type of battery. The clue is […]

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by , 4th Feb 21 1:55 pm

Somewhere in jerk-water USA, a vagrant Dodge Challenger driver is about to experience the mother of all karma moments during a highspeed-freeway moment of madness. After being overtaken by a Tesla Model 3 on a busy highway, the Dodge Challenger driver becomes incensed and thus begins a pointless pursuit of the Tesla. We’re not sure […]

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