by , 23rd Jun 21 12:08 pm

When the combustion engine era is over what will Brabus do with their spare time when the V8 is put into a museum or thrown on the scrap heap? When such a scenario inevitably happens it is for Brabus to decide. At the present moment, they are spending their time creating the latest in a […]

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by , 14th Jun 21 1:27 pm

In relative terms, any car with 92k miles on the clock is a lot of mileage, but it isn’t for YouTuber Endfloat. In this video upload, Endfloat divulges the sheer disappointment of owning a 2017 Mercedes E Class C350e, which belongs to his father. From personal experience, and being a former owner of Mercedes cars, […]

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by , 10th Jun 21 9:16 am

No, this all-new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 isn’t built by giants for giants and as far as click-bait headlines go… we failed. The Land Cruiser brand is now entering its 70th year. And to celebrate this milestone Toyota has released the Land Cruiser 300. The celebrations are somewhat limited because this beast of an SUV […]

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by , 20th May 21 12:07 pm

Layabout YouTuber WhistlinDiesel wants to know if the Toyota Hilux is as durable and indestructible as Top Gear made it out to be. He decides to slam the rear door 1000 times, really hard. He then tries to durability test the rear tailgate. Eventually, he tries extremely rough driving whereupon we discover WhistlinDiesel has little […]

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by , 26th Apr 21 2:21 pm

It isn’t a Netflix movie, it is what it is. The Kia Nightfall Edition, a stopgap model name update, a late appetizer, a false flag edition to distract you before the all-new generation Kia Sportage arrives in 2022. And if it earns Kia a bit extra dosh on the side, why not. After all the […]

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