by , 25th Sep 20 11:42 am

Riding a motorcycle isn’t all about going as fast as possible. While getting some speed going is definitely fun, there are other parts of your bike’s performance that matter too. You want to feel confident on your bike and that you can control it with ease. You need to be able to stop smoothly, turn […]

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by , 23rd Sep 20 4:40 pm

That’s right folks, Hoovies Garage bought a non-running 2005 year model Porsche Cayenne for $300 from auction. The Cayenne is in good condition considering it has over 189,000 miles on the clock. It may have been involved in a minor crash at some point over the years.  The interior is a bit “tatty”, the leather […]

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by , 16th Sep 20 11:55 am

There are several ways to maintain your Jeep Wrangler, most can be done in the driveway. Whether it be oil changes or car washes, keeping your Wrangler up to date on its maintenance is essential to a healthy Wrangler that will last a long time. Owning a new car is a big responsibility and an […]

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by , 6th Jul 20 12:37 pm

Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes, who tried and failed to sacrifice their Spanish workforce to the Coronavirus, is being investigated by Turkish authorities over corporate anti-competition charges. The investigation centers on whether Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes colluded with other German car brands in the sharing of key business interests, including but not limited to […]

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by , 2nd Jul 20 11:48 am

This isn’t a Land Rover Defender as you once knew it, think of it as the son of the Land Rover Defender. Or, in another way, think of it as the new Pink Panther movie starring Steve Martin. As you may well know the original Pink Panther movies starring the British comedian Peter Sellers will […]

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