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Lake Tahoe is situated between the states of California and Nevada and is guarded by the Carson and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges attracting tourists far and wide. The lake is also known as one of five crater lakes found in the USA, formed by primordial geological processes during the ice age over 2 million years […]

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by , 30th Jan 21 3:52 pm

Technological advancement is transforming every sector and industry in the world, and the automotive field is one of the pioneers of tech integration. This should come as no surprise, as manufacturers are always looking for new ways to win over their customers, stand out from the competition, and bring higher efficiency to their processes. Technology […]

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by , 28th Jan 21 2:30 pm

Since the dawn of time, motorists have been cooking up ways to save money on car costs. As manufacturers drive down the upfront price – the average cost is between £12,000 to £28,000 – there’s a focus on running expenses. Introducing hypermiling, a new way of making running costs cheaper than ever before. To many […]

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by , 13th Jan 21 2:53 pm

There are many dos and don’ts when buying a used car but the first absolute step you must take is getting a vehicle background check. Doing so could save you thousands on your next used car purchase. This can be done by using the vehicle’s VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number). Think of the VIN code […]

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by , 21st Dec 20 12:13 pm

A decision released by the EU Court of Justice (CJEU) (17.12.20) puts Mercedes further on the back-foot in the face of claims they engaged in diesel emissions fraud in the European market, according to lawyers at Fox Williams and Hagens Berman UK who are working together on a potential group action litigation on behalf of […]

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