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Being cooped up because of COVID-19 for so long, it seems like everyone and their uncle are desperate to get on the roads and drive. In fact, while the number of people taking holidays abroad has reduced, the amount of people visiting locations in the UK is on the rise. Of course, that means more […]

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Reuters Events is hosting a leading industry conference Mobility: Executive Leaders (Oct 22-23), a free to attend virtual conference, which will set the mobility agenda for the next decade of innovation and action. Over two days of live broadcast, Mobility: Executive Leaders will convene leading city, transit and governmental representatives with the C-Suite from largest […]

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Everyone can be in a situation where it’s the dead of the night, but they are still driving their way home. Then, came the sudden tugging of the steering wheel and the car is suddenly out of control. With a feeling of dread, you realize that there’s something wrong and you have a flat tyre. […]

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Owning a car has become one of the biggest necessities of today. Now, more than ever, people are willing to travel larger distances to get to work. Many factors contribute to that, but the bottom line is we are more open to that idea, instead of relying on public transportation. Often, we are facing financial […]

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Vehicle theft in England and Wales has continued to rise dramatically, according to figures from a Freedom of Information request conducted by AX. While the Covid-19 lockdown may yet reduce vehicle thefts in 2020, responses obtained from police forces across England and Wales suggest theft of motor vehicles rose by a significant 21% between 2016 and […]

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