by , 15th Sep 21 2:04 pm

Actually, Malaysia has not banned the practice of converting ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars into EVs, because there is no official ban. However, undertaking such a task is simply not allowed according to current laws as set out in the country’s Road Traffic Act 1987. However there is a loophole, according to, authorization to […]

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by , 9th Aug 21 11:36 am

The Honda Civic has looked odd for many years now and that is an unfortunate part of its appeal. But it is better than having no appeal at all. And the latest-generation Honda Civic is showing the same odd styling evolution. We all know how reliable Honda cars are. That in and of itself is […]

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by , 28th Jul 21 3:48 pm

Whether you want to trade-in or are looking for a used car, you have to be more attentive to detail when shopping for a family car. Remember, you’re not just considering your needs but the entire family, especially the kids. If this is the car you’ll be using to drop them at school, attend festivals, […]

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by , 22nd Jun 21 2:22 pm

Volvo’s slow treadmill to a pure electric pathway is seemingly selecting 1-first gear after being stuck in neutral for some time. When the company announced that it would be electrifying its range of vehicles, we thought it would mean an instant switch to battery-powered cars. But like dinosaurs evolving into birds, Volvo is determined to […]

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by , 9th Jun 21 2:45 pm

Carwow’s Mat Watson has fulfilled his oath by driving his dream Ferrari, the 308 GTS. And he also happens to be in the presence of his second dream Ferrari, the 1980’s Testarossa. When he mentioned Magnum P.I and Miami Vice, being aging Millennials we had not a clue what he was on about. A quick […]

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