by , 4th Jan 21 10:10 am

The best car is never the one that wins an award. The best car is never the one that is universally given accolades and smooching commentary by motoring journalists. You should take the opinions of motoring journalists with a pinch of salt, or nothing less than collusion. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, […]

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by , 3rd Nov 20 2:08 pm

Mankind has made many discoveries. I say mankind because we-the-men are responsible for the majority of discoveries, an undeniable fact. We the men are bristling with ideas, we are engineers, we are overpaid compared to-the-women, and rightly so. Throughout history, it is Menkind that has answered the most difficult questions known to science. Like making […]

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by , 29th Sep 20 11:08 pm

Cher Thierry, bienvenue en Angleterre, bienvenue dans la jungle mate. Vous êtes en effet le dernier d’une lignée de VIP de l’industrie automobile britannique. Je sais que nos habitudes britanniques sont quelque peu en contradiction avec les sensibilités culturelles élégantes et raffinées des Français. Par exemple, la grande cuisine britannique. Ne vous laissez pas berner […]

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by , 11th Aug 20 3:03 pm

Dear Tobias Moers, my dear German friend, this is Jeremiah Clarkson and I would like to give you a few words of advice on how to succeed at Aston Martin. It’s rather simple dear boy, be more British. I am not a xenophobe, I have many British friends who can vouch for my narrow-minded views. […]

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by , 30th Apr 20 12:53 pm

When I read that Porsche is planning to launch a manual edition of the 911 I chocked on my morning Kopi Luwak coffee. I sat there on my Charla dining chair in my fabulously expensive, minimalist designer kitchen and turned to my private chef and said aloud, “HOW SO?”. As I digested my £800 pancake […]

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