by , 12th Feb 21 12:19 pm

We haven’t had too many favorable things to say about the Nissan Mercedes X Class, it is what it is. A Nissan with a Mercedes badge and a Mercedes interior. And to banish this injustice of two minds working as separate entities you head towards the focused studio, latte-drinking minds of Project Kahn for they […]

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by , 4th Feb 21 3:30 pm

The facelifted 2021 Subaru XV crossover rocking and rolling into the UK with two trim levels – SE or SE Premium. Look closely and you’ll find a redesigned front bumper and front grill plus a subtly reshaped front fog lamp bezel that surrounds the LED fog lights. The redesign focuses on giving the XV a […]

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by , 29th Jan 21 1:32 pm

Mat Watson has started the new year by reluctantly modeling his new 100-percent Burberry cashmere scarf, which costs an eye-watering £370. Clearly, Carwow pays Mat Watson a handsome salary. This is a far cry from his humble beginnings. He started his career working in the last of the black country coal mines replacing the carbon […]

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by , 4th Jan 21 3:54 pm

Carwow are no longer speaking to us. They no longer respond to our emails begging for access to their superbly stocked snack bar. We, the Daily Car Blog went AWOL over Mercedes, who just happen to be investors in Carwow. Oh well, you live and learn, although we merely exist to exist. And admittedly we […]

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by , 24th Nov 20 4:02 pm

The electric car is an old concept, briefly coexisting with the early days of the gas-powered automobile. The world went by way of the gas-powered car because the political and economic viability was substantially in favor of the burgeoning fossil-fuel industry. Because of socio-economic factors, the electric car industry as of 2020 is a future […]

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