by , 4th Jan 21 3:54 pm

Carwow are no longer speaking to us. They no longer respond to our emails begging for access to their superbly stocked snack bar. We, the Daily Car Blog went AWOL over Mercedes, who just happen to be investors in Carwow. Oh well, you live and learn, although we merely exist to exist. And admittedly we […]

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by , 24th Nov 20 4:02 pm

The electric car is an old concept, briefly coexisting with the early days of the gas-powered automobile. The world went by way of the gas-powered car because the political and economic viability was substantially in favor of the burgeoning fossil-fuel industry. Because of socio-economic factors, the electric car industry as of 2020 is a future […]

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by , 27th Oct 20 11:44 am

At a time when the car has become a necessity, not a symbol of luxury, its purchase has been raised to a higher level. Those who buy a new four-wheeler don’t have too many concerns because they choose a vehicle under warranty. On the other hand, people who plan to buy a used car must […]

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by , 5th Oct 20 11:55 am

The Mini is kind-of-like the Jesus of the car industry, a British icon reborn in the year 2000. And like Jesus, the Mini is now in its third new testament. But this is no re-writing of the Mini Bible by a fundamentalist hypocritical Monk. This is the Mini 3 door hatch. And it’s looking better […]

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Auto Review BMW 7 Series Review

by , 21st Sep 20 2:21 pm

It’s a big ugly beast is the sixth generation BMW 7 Series, about as elegant as a grandfather clock is to an Apple iWatch. I once owned an E38, the third generation, and in my opinion, it remains the best-looking version to date. But it was no driving machine, it felt heavy and ponderous and […]

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