by , 5th Oct 20 11:55 am

The Mini is kind-of-like the Jesus of the car industry, a British icon reborn in the year 2000. And like Jesus, the Mini is now in its third new testament. But this is no re-writing of the Mini Bible by a fundamentalist hypocritical Monk. This is the Mini 3 door hatch. And it’s looking better […]

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Auto Review BMW 7 Series Review

by , 21st Sep 20 2:21 pm

It’s a big ugly beast is the sixth generation BMW 7 Series, about as elegant as a grandfather clock is to an Apple iWatch. I once owned an E38, the third generation, and in my opinion, it remains the best-looking version to date. But it was no driving machine, it felt heavy and ponderous and […]

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by , 18th Aug 20 2:59 pm

British designer, Afzal Kahn has taken the Mercedes X Class and used real imagination to reveal a stunning, military-inspired make-over. The Class pick-up received several bespoke design upgrades on both the exterior and interior to make the vehicle in keeping with Project Kahn’s restrained, but courteous in-your-face design language. While many of the original form […]

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by , 15th Jul 20 8:11 pm

We have to admit, and this is difficult for us to do so, they have done a good job with the Ford Bronco. It kind of reminds of the Land Rover Defender but better looking. Ford focus-grouped Jeep Wrangler owners and this is the result. In America, people are going mad for it. First Edition […]

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by , 12th Jun 20 10:05 am

OK, so, the Playstation 5 reveal event happened online yesterday night and we finally got to see the new look, next-generation Playstation 5 and Gran Turismo 7 in all its next-generation glory. Playstation has clearly aced the design language and the new controller has a number of enhanced features that will make gaming even more […]

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