by , 15th Jun 21 2:25 pm

After many, many months long terming in the VW Arteon, it is still something of an anomaly. We got our long-termer a few weeks before the introduction of the facelifted Arteon. Apart from minor external styling changes, a new dashboard, a touch-controlled heating system and a new steering wheel for the interior, our pre-facelift long-termer […]

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by , 5th Mar 21 12:56 pm

Never mix religion, politics, car reviews and Mat Watson together. Or generate long headlines because it could get crushed by Google search engine bots. But Mat Watson does mix two of the three. The Carwow superstar YouTube presenter has decided to form a religious splinter group, a neo-reformation movement away from Protestantism. Watson is now […]

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by , 26th Feb 21 1:52 pm

The last thing any of us want to experience is wear and tear to our new vehicles, but sooner or later, this will come to pass. What matters then, is not avoiding every issue that could come our way, but learning to deal with those issues in a quick and responsive manner. For this reason, […]

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by , 12th Feb 21 12:19 pm

We haven’t had too many favorable things to say about the Nissan Mercedes X Class, it is what it is. A Nissan with a Mercedes badge and a Mercedes interior. And to banish this injustice of two minds working as separate entities you head towards the focused studio, latte-drinking minds of Project Kahn for they […]

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by , 4th Feb 21 3:30 pm

The facelifted 2021 Subaru XV crossover rocking and rolling into the UK with two trim levels – SE or SE Premium. Look closely and you’ll find a redesigned front bumper and front grill plus a subtly reshaped front fog lamp bezel that surrounds the LED fog lights. The redesign focuses on giving the XV a […]

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