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Imagine an action movie about a domesticated shopper just going about his everyday business. And the movie stars Tom Cruise, a normal average guy living his life day-by-day. Shopping, watching TV, playing video games, working from home etc. Admittedly it’s not the basis of a good script. But a few seconds of the movie is […]

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by , 30th Jul 20 1:29 pm

Headlight technology has seen a rapid evolution at Audi in recent decades. Audi has long been driving the development of rear-lighting systems. Audi’s latest development now makes it the first automotive brand to digitise the taillights with OLED technology. Audi first introduced organic light-emitting diodes (so-called OLEDs), as far back as in 2016. Now digitalisation […]

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by , 29th Jul 20 4:17 pm

After taking a back seat for over 100 days due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, learner drivers in England are finally able to return to the wheel. Of course, the health and safety of pupils and instructors alike, are paramount. To ensure that driving lessons in East London are carried out in safe conditions, a […]

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by , 23rd Apr 20 10:56 am

As the world is thrown into chaos and a mighty recession looms due to the Coronavirus pandemic Group Lotus Cars are confident of an upward trajectory. Lotus is a low volume manufacturer of sports cars, that much is known. Perhaps for the first time in the last 35 years, Lotus has a strong financial base […]

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by , 21st Jan 20 8:00 pm

As the climate is going from bad to worse, even the best car air conditioners are unable to cope with the heated environment effectively.  Sitting inside cars for a long duration might make one feel quite uncomfortable due to the outside heat and glare. To create a cool and comfortable environment for a pleasant ride, […]

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