by , 9th Aug 21 3:11 pm

Red Bull’s current hostage situation has taken a turn for the worse. High profile, long-term hostage Piere Gasly is showing signs that he is suffering from the effects of the so-called Stockholm Syndrome. The condition occurs when the hostage develops a psychological bond with the person(s) holding them captive. Gasly’s captors are Red Bull, the […]

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by , 16th Jul 21 5:37 pm

In an interview with the BBC prior to the 2021 British Grand Prix Ross Brawn, the Managing Director of Formula 1, admitted that replacing carbon fuels with electric powertrains will “be a huge challenge”. Roughly translated this means, Formula 1 is not giving up on oil money and residual oil sponsorship anytime soon. Brawn did […]

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by , 5th Jul 21 11:02 am

It was a command and conquer performance by Max Verstappen as he won the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix with the authority of a world champion in waiting. Though he is yet to ascend the driver’s world championship throne, 9 races into a 23 race campaign, Verstappen and Red Bull look in total control. Hamilton could […]

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by , 1st Jul 21 12:05 pm

Lando ‘The Kid’ Norris may look as though he just skipped school choir practice to sell illegal Pokemon Game Cards outside the local chip shop to errant students. But make no mistake, the star McLaren F1 child driver is a highly capable and competitive animal. His performances for McLaren have been nothing short of outstanding. […]

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by , 24th Jun 21 11:46 am

Mercedes F1 boss, Toto Wolf, is super-convinced that Red Bull and satellite team Alpha Tauri received performance boosts at the French Grand Prix when Honda introduced new, upgraded engines. The Mercedes team boss outlined Red Bull’s three victories in a row as a warning shot across the bow. Christian ‘Good Cop’ Horner refuted these claims […]

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