by , 17th Nov 20 5:22 pm

Concept cars are used by Automotive companies as a kind of proof of concept. Mostly they are used for publicity stunts. However, such concepts also give us an insight into the inner workings and mindset of future vehicular design. The Mini Urbanaut is a concept for the future that existed in the past. It looks […]

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by , 7th Oct 20 3:56 pm

Ammo NYC, the king of car detailing, poses the question of whether hand polishing is better than machine polishing. So he decides to test out his theory-question on his father-in-laws Subaru. But the answer is simple, automation is always better than doing anything by hand. For example, why would you buy a manual stick-shift when […]

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by , 28th Sep 20 12:36 pm

We don’t rightly know if the state of Utah is home to Joe average Redneck but this dyno test most probably caused redneck burns after it went wrong. But why did this Pickup Truck explode? The owner turned his prized twin-turbo diesel Pickup Truck to 3,000bhp at a show and tell dyno-test event. But with […]

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by , 24th Sep 20 3:10 pm

The problem with motoring journalism is that it can turn into an extension of a car dealership or of more concern, an extension of an official marketing campaign by proxy. But we here at DCB are duty-bound to bring you the news, albeit in limited snippets. The new W223 S Class has been taking a […]

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by , 22nd Sep 20 11:29 am

YouTuber Tavarish just bought a cheap, 2009 Aston Martin DBS with a manual gearbox. And we agree with Tavarish that the Aston Martin DBS is one if not the most beautiful supercars made in the last 20 years. The DBS was the pinnacle of the DB9 model range if not the signature car of Aston […]

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