by , 8th Jul 21 11:56 am

Start-up electric vehicle maker Lordstown Motors is in a bit of trouble with the U.S. Department of Justice. The company is under investigation over allegations of corporate corruption. Lordstown was founded in 2018. With a mission to build electric pickup trucks, the company soon acquired the Lordstown Assembly facility, previously owned and operated by GM. […]

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by , 7th Jul 21 12:59 pm

The average Tesla driver spends £47 per month charging their car, or the same as only 36 litres of petrol, according to data from EEVEE Mobility. Harnessing data from active users of the EEVEE Driver app in the UK, the company also found that the cost of charging equates to just £0.20 per kilowatt-hour of […]

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by , 1st Jul 21 11:16 am

Volvo is gearing up to transition away from combustion-powered to battery-powered cars. Like a recovering meth addict making the switch to a new future is going to take some time. Volvo’s plan is to go fully electric by 2030. But why wait that long? why not now? Look at Tesla they are not waiting around […]

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by , 21st Jun 21 2:01 pm

Do you know why rats have survived for so long? Do you why they are able to thrive in conditions that would make a billy goat puke? It is because they are an adaptable species. Let’s take a look into a possible future scenario. One day, when a monstrous asteroid strikes the earth and kills […]

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by , 10th Jun 21 1:53 pm

That stupid grille… that stupid, stupid BMW grille. When we first gazed our collective eyes upon it, it looked stupid. And when we studied it in-depth the stupidity of the aesthetics looked stupider still. And then, all of a sudden… POW! it’s looking good. That stupid BMW grille suits the overall design language of the […]

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