by , 23rd Jul 21 2:10 pm

MKBHD Tesla Model S Plaid? MKBHD Tesla Model S Plaid? Yes, it certainly is. The super tech nerd YouTuber who boasts a subscriber base of 14M gives his first impressions of the Model S Plaid because with that following he is always first inline. The Model S Plaid boasts over 1000bhp, has a top speed […]

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by , 22nd Jul 21 1:24 pm

Hoping to purchase a car? You’ll need to choose between getting a used vs new car. One offers benefits that the other can’t. That said, which one is a better deal for the money you have? Wonder no more, we’re here to dissect the pros and cons of both choices for you. Discover more by […]

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by , 20th Jul 21 11:14 am

Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi has revealed during a media interview that the company will go fully electric “as soon as possible”. When the internal combustion engines go so will plug-in hybrids, revealed Duesmann. Starting in 2026 Audi will only sell vehicles powered by pure electric powertrains. It is a radical shift for what is […]

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by , 19th Jul 21 11:03 am

The new Audi RS 3 hatch is a £50,900 entry fee into the Audi RS world. The RS is Audi’s high-performance halo brand often denoted by a simple RS logo/badge. The most interesting fact about this particular Audi is the engine. The RS 3 uses a 5-cylinder 2.5-liter unit, which is very rare to see […]

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by , 15th Jul 21 3:53 pm

Shmee150 buys a Lotus Emira, Shmee150 buys a Lotus Emira! Diddly damn. And we don’t blame him. Lotus really did knock it out of the park with the Lotus Emira. This is what Shmee150 had to say about his latest purchase: “I’m very excited to reveal that I’ve ordered a new Lotus Emira to join […]

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