by , 30th Sep 21 12:07 pm

Yes, it certainly is. Despite being founded in 2007, originally making electric vehicle powertrains and batteries, Lucid Motors is still considered to be a start-up company. Over the years, the company acquired financial investment and morphed into Lucid Motors in 2016. And in the same year, they revealed the Lucid Air, a high performance luxury […]

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by , 23rd Sep 21 8:19 pm

Being a car owner is exciting. It means you have your own ride to be free and get to places easily and conveniently. However, some cars do not live up to expectations and cause more inconvenience than they do convenience. Finding the right car for you will ensure that you maximize the purpose of the […]

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by , 20th Sep 21 10:15 am

Now it sounds as though the Daily Car Blog has become a car dealership by headline quoting the cost of the all-electric Mercedes EQS. The fact is motoring journalism is 90 percent dealership focused, 5 percent begging, 4 percent spell and grammar checking, and 1 percent is actually spent on doing motoring journalism. Motoring journalism […]

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by , 4th Sep 21 9:42 pm

Being able to drive can be great, but there is a long process to go through to get there. At some point, people wonder if it is worth it. With this in mind, here are some things that you should know before you start your journey to being a car driver. It can be stressful […]

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by , 24th Aug 21 11:39 am

The future of the car is about you not you driving you or your passengers. It will be about luxury, comfort, and assistive technology. That is if you can afford it. For now, Audi will reveal a concept preview of what will morph into a successor to the A8. The Audi Grand Sphere concept will […]

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