by , 8th Apr 21 10:50 am

The Nissan GT-R, is perhaps… no it is the only good thing Nissan has ever done. The GT-R is entering its 14th year of production and remains largely unchanged. Yes, there have been mechanical updates, faster special editions. And the exterior design still looks contemporary, although the interior is looking and feeling its age. But […]

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by , 7th Apr 21 2:40 pm

This is MG’s vision of the future – the MG Cyberster concept car. Set to debut at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show later this month, the Cyberster – developed by the team at the MG Advanced Design Centre in London – is a two-door, two-seater sports car recalling the brand’s tradition, drawing a number of […]

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by , 29th Mar 21 10:30 am

Wait… what? The fourth-generation Yaris was launched last year, what is the Yaris Cross all about? This is confusing, the Yaris has always been about the small compact hatch. The short answer is, it’s all about changing consumer trends. Car buyers are trending away from pitiful compact hatches to compact SUVs. And in response, auto […]

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by , 26th Mar 21 5:02 pm

Max Verstappen topped both practice sessions at the opening weekend of the Bahrain GP. Verstappen looked comfortable as he set a time of 1:30.847s with Lando Norris second and Lewis Hamilton third. Carlos Sainz was fourth for Ferrari a few tenths further back and Valtteri Bottas was fifth. Indeed the top 16 drivers were separated […]

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by , 25th Mar 21 10:33 am

If you received a call out of the blue to drive an $8M Bugatti Divo you might put the phone down and call the Police. Not Supercar Blondie, the Australian Dubai resident is well connected due to her YouTube profile, which stands at 5.8 million subscribers. That media profile enables Supercar Blondie access and a […]

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