by , 23rd Oct 20 1:01 pm

Every motorist in the process of operating his car must have a basic knowledge of its technical characteristics and monitor the current state of the car. For a comfortable car ride and a long service life of the main units, it is necessary to change the engine oil on time, monitor fuel consumption, monitor the […]

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by , 22nd Oct 20 12:13 pm

With over 50% of tyres driven on Britain’s roads being below the vehicle manufacturers’ recommendation, TyreSafe is urging drivers to get into the habit of carrying out regular checks this Tyre Safety Month. Correct air pressure is essential to ensure safety on the road. If the tyres are under- or over-inflated they have less contact […]

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by , 19th Oct 20 3:09 pm

Britain’s 50 most reliable used cars have been revealed using the latest research from the country’s leading consumer champion, What Car?, in association with heycar, the online, quality used car marketplace. In the listings, the three top performing cars all achieved a perfect 100% reliability rating. They are the previous-generation versions of the Honda Jazz […]

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by , 8th Oct 20 1:55 pm

Frank Stephenson, the designer of the first-generation X5 SUV, has slammed the new BMW 4 Series. The targeted critique pulls no punches. Stephenson says that the G21 is now more generic. The famous Hoffmeister Kink has “lost that trait… that personality” that made it identifiable as a BMW. But the biggest criticism is reserved for […]

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by , 28th Sep 20 12:07 pm

Polestar, the electric sub-brand of Volvo, is on a mission from god, on a mission to deliver the all-electric Polestar Precept Concept virtually unchanged as soon as production begins, in about three years time. Curiously Polestar decided to make the Precept a production reality after receiving a positive public reaction. Many modern business decisions are […]

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