by , 9th Nov 20 11:55 am

As Subaru prepares to launch the new BRZ one region of the world also needs to prepare for a big letdown. The Subaru BRZ will not be sold in Europe and will be a Japan/USA only model. The new BRZ will be officially revealed on November 18 and will retain the naturally aspirated 2.4-litre boxer […]

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by , 3rd Nov 20 2:55 pm

Woodworking Art started off as just an ordinary wood carving YouTube channel to express the skill demonstrated by the channel owner and carver of said wood. Early videos show wood carved statues. However, when he uploaded videos of his wood carved scale model cars, suddenly the channel drew in millions of views. In YouTube land, […]

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by , 29th Oct 20 10:58 am

We here at DCB HQ have always said that any media company requires a full suite of modern digital platforms. From social media to video content platforms, hell even Tik Tok god damn it. But you have got to do it well, have a personality and offer something unique. The latter is a difficult skill […]

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by , 23rd Oct 20 1:01 pm

Every motorist in the process of operating his car must have a basic knowledge of its technical characteristics and monitor the current state of the car. For a comfortable car ride and a long service life of the main units, it is necessary to change the engine oil on time, monitor fuel consumption, monitor the […]

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by , 22nd Oct 20 12:13 pm

With over 50% of tyres driven on Britain’s roads being below the vehicle manufacturers’ recommendation, TyreSafe is urging drivers to get into the habit of carrying out regular checks this Tyre Safety Month. Correct air pressure is essential to ensure safety on the road. If the tyres are under- or over-inflated they have less contact […]

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