by , 11th May 21 12:20 pm

Rory Reid isn’t as barking mad as he sounds when comparing the Citroen EC-4 with a Rolls Royce. Once upon a time, Citroen did indeed supply Rolls Royce with it’s proprietary hydropneumatic suspension back in the 1960s. Hydropneumatic suspension is quite a complex system. In basic terms, it uses oil and gas. The gas absorbs […]

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by , 14th Apr 21 11:53 am

Scotty Kilmer car hacks are essential if you are about to go on a long road trip. Much of it is common sense, the key to ensuring your car can survive an arduous journey is to rely on good old fashion preparedness. There are seven pillars of Scotty Kilmer car hacks. Check tyre pressures, engine […]

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by , 3rd Mar 21 5:50 pm

Selling your old car may seem like a simple enough task to achieve, but there are all sorts of issues you could run into. After all, you will want to make sure that you get the best price possible, but also make the experience of preparing for, and selling, as fast and as easy as […]

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by , 12th Feb 21 1:00 pm

Awkward YouTube presenter and self-styled King of cars MercBenzKing is tasked with pre-reviewing the all-new generation C Class. MercBenzKing takes a look around at the new exterior and interior. And it seems that the C Class is turning into a mini-me S Class. Certainly, from what we can see, the new generation C Class borrows […]

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by , 2nd Feb 21 1:39 pm

You know after all these years we still do not know the actual true name of Engineering Explained YouTube man, primarily because we can’t be bothered. Can’t be bothered to do basic research is journalism 101 that’s why the likes of the Daily Mail and The Sun get away with lying. In journalism lying and […]

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