by , 28th Nov 20 4:54 pm

One of the most amazing things about cars is the fact that no matter who you are or what you want, there’s a car out there for just about everyone. From trucks to hatchbacks to four-wheel drives to everything in between, there are so many options that just about anyone should be able to find […]

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by , 27th Nov 20 4:21 pm

Lord Aleem is back! But where has he been? He decided to take a one-year sabbatical from the YouTube scene. Turns out he was working on business things. And it turns out he now has a content team, to assist with the YouTube. And it turns out he purchased a £3 million Bugatti Chiron during […]

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by , 26th Nov 20 12:49 pm

Yah’ll be sharin’ the road wit’ bad drivers, dudes so rude they ain’t gotta clue wit’ what day it is let alone what year. Anyway folks, bad drivers exist everywhere, it is a problem that afflicts every region of the car-owning world. It’s racist to assume that Anglo-Saxon Americas and Canadians are solely responsible for […]

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by , 21st Nov 20 1:47 pm

Your current car may be in the shop, and you’d rather buy a new one than pay yet again to repair it. Or it may no longer suit your family’s needs. Most people know that a used car is a better value than a new car. The question is: where can you find the right […]

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by , 20th Nov 20 1:49 pm

Scotty Kilmer only recommends ever buying a Toyota, new or used. However, in a reversal of opinion Kilmer says do not buy the Toyota Scion. The Scion car brand is a failed re-marketing exercise by Toyota. The company was formed in 2003 and discontinued by 2016. The Scion was aimed at a younger audience, a […]

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