by , 11th Oct 21 12:14 pm

This is no plain ordinary Toyota Supra, if it was it would be crushed by the Ferrari 488 Pista. The Supra has indeed been modified to pump out 1,300bhp and it exists to eat 1 mile straights in a bid to beat the most powerful supercars currently available on the market. The victim is a […]

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by , 8th Oct 21 8:17 pm

If you’re a true car fanatic, there are some items that your car shouldn’t be without. There are so many great gadgets out there that you can make use of these days; it doesn’t matter if you own a brand new car or something that’s a little more classic. We’re going to take a closer […]

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by , 26th Aug 21 10:27 am

The pure electric BMW iX3 SUV has landed in UK show rooms with prices starting from £60K. That represents a £16K premium over the fossil fuel power X3 siblings. The iX3 is based on the current X3, BMW stripped the combustion engine out and basically fitted a battery pack and electric motor. The new BMW […]

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by , 20th Aug 21 11:52 am

The Nissan Z sports coupe will not be sold in the UK or Europe, Nissan says this is due to emissions regulations and a “shrinking market”. The truth is somewhat in-between. Yes, Nissan Z sales have been extremely low in Europe. But the truth is, if Nissan was to comply with European emissions regulations then […]

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by , 7th Jul 21 3:20 pm

Over EUR 51,585 for a Golf Estate!? W-T-A-F is going on here? I don’t care how fast this overpriced Golf R Estate is, the only thing fast about it is the 1st and 2nd-year depreciation. Who is going to stump up the cash when you can buy better, bigger, faster, or even better, bigger, more […]

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