by , 20th May 21 12:51 pm

We don’t know why the Mercedes Maybach exists and we assume Mercedes executives also ask themselves why the Maybach exists at all. Since the ultra-luxury brand was revived in 2002 until it ceased in 2013, only 3,000 Maybachs were sold. In 2013 Mercedes sold 6 Maybachs for the entire US market. The Maybach brand was […]

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by , 5th May 21 9:49 am

Who would have thought the hitherto ordinary Toyota RAV4 Prime would be shocking even for Doug “This is” DeMuro. But it is shocking and it is a Toyota. But not in the way you would imagine. In this case, shocking is good. The RAV4 Prime is a Plugin Hybrid performance variant powered by a 4-cylinder, […]

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by , 22nd Apr 21 2:22 pm

With lockdown restrictions easing across the UK, many of us are eager to get back behind the wheel and start enjoying our renewed freedom. Currently, staycations are the only option for a holiday, and many people will be driving to their destinations. If you’ve been working from home, your car has probably been idle for […]

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by , 20th Apr 21 11:05 am

The Ferrari F40 is the B-of-the-Bang of the modern supercar philosophy. It was the last car personally overseen and approved by the company’s erstwhile founder, Enzo Ferrari. It is a race car for the road powered by 2.9-litre V8 twin-turbo producing 471hp and over 200mph. When it launched in 1987 it was seen as the […]

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by , 25th Mar 21 1:47 pm

Lord Aleem is back and doing what he does best, louting around making car videos courtesy of his father’s supercar hire business. And this allows Lord Aleem access to the latest in automotive technology. Aleem vists Onyx Automotive, a black country detailer who will be preparing the Panamera for showroom posing. Aleem’s Porsche Panamera Turbo […]

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