by , 1st Jul 21 2:52 pm

Because they are MUPPETS! the entire corporate side of Jaguar is full of MUPPETS! And that’s why Jaguar is failing to protect production crews at its Halewood, Merseyside factory. Yet another Covid-19 outbreak has stopped production. The first outbreak in January brought production to a full halt. As for the second outbreak, Jaguar has cited […]

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by , 29th Jun 21 11:33 am

It has been clear for many years that Toyota isn’t fully on-board with the jump to a battery-electric future. Unsurprising considering they have invested billions into developing hybrid technology. Switching to battery electric-powered vehicles would be throwing away decades of investment and development. And future profits. You can understand Toyota’s position. Yet they continue to […]

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by , 24th Jun 21 11:02 am

The E Type is probably the greatest Jaguar ever made. Jaguar has been living in the E Type’s shadow ever since it was released back in the 1960s. Today Jaguar is like an aging Rockstar, reinventing itself to fit in with the times it doesn’t understand. But the music sounds the same, it’s all ‘pling’ […]

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by , 17th Jun 21 3:42 pm

Land Rover is embarking on Project Failure, known internally as Project Zeus. Project Failure’s mission is to develop a hydrogen fuel cell prototype vehicle. It is yet another example of Land Rover’s dinosaur blinkered thinking and philosophy into next-generation zero-emissions motoring. Battery-powered vehicles will become the norm and they have their advantages and disadvantages for […]

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by , 14th Jun 21 12:57 pm

Mercedes is back in the environmental dock yet again. Plugin hybrids, which combine a combustion engine and electric drivetrain are not as friendly to the environment as first realized. Emissions firing squads are lining up ready to execute plugin-hybrids which are now viewed as a bellwether for high fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Research has […]

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