by , 29th Sep 20 12:17 pm

Thanks to VW and Mercedes and BMW, the combustion engine-powered vehicle is a dead man walking. By 2030 major cities around the world will introduce a ban on diesel and petrol (gasoline) cars. To prepare for this new era many car manufacturers are adopting hybrid and plugin hybrid technologies to reduce emissions. However, even this […]

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by , 28th Sep 20 11:24 am

The former CEO of Daimler AG, Dieter Zetsche, has declined the role of Chairman of the company’s supervisory board. Daimler AG is the multinational holding company that includes Mercedes Benz. It has become a tradition for departing Daimler AG CEO’s to take up the Chairmanship of the company after a two-year cooling-off period. However, Zetsche […]

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by , 22nd Sep 20 10:33 am

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency is the name of the Volkswagen Skoda game. And the Volkswagen Skoda Octavia Right Fit Edition brings forth a more efficient less polluting future. And let’s face it, VW Skoda has plenty of experience of not being very efficient. Class action lawsuits will attest to that. And to account for their miscreant […]

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by , 14th Sep 20 2:09 pm

This ultra-tech nerd, commonly known as Linus Tech Tips decided to buy a Hybrid Volt over a Tesla, any Tesla. YouTuber Linus Tech Tips happens to have a very popular Youtube channel, 11 million subs and counting. Fair enough. Cost was one issue for the ultra-tech nerd. He wasn’t willing to fork out over $100,000 […]

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by , 9th Sep 20 4:55 pm

It appears that Germany actually has real motoring journalists doing actual motoring journalism. Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport has given stark criticisms of the Volkswagen ID3 peppered with a few positives during a preview test. It must be noted that the ID3 being tested by the publication was a pre-production unit. Nevertheless, even this sample […]

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