by , 28th Jul 21 3:30 pm

Ford F-150 Lightning? Oh yes. We’re not Ford fanboys here at DCBHQ. And when the company is represented to journalists by Oliver ‘no self-awareness’ Rowe then you have a disaster movie in the making. There is no pause or rewind button. It’s a chattering, vain, unfunny sociopath, a scud missile of a human being who […]

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by , 22nd Jul 21 11:35 am

For over 25 years Volkswagen lied, cheated and deceived about the true emissions value of their diesel powertrains. They lied about the emissions ratings. They rolled out their over-educated men in suits to rubber-stamp their lies and the compliant motoring media gave them awards to celebrate the deception. The World Health Organisation estimates many thousands […]

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by , 13th Jul 21 11:53 am

Since becoming the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover last Autumn Thierry Bollore has occupied his time by formulating a ‘Reimagine Plan’. He has also spent his time being publicly critical of Jaguar Land Rover’s current product strategy. Bollore specifically labeled Jaguar a “damaged” brand, which is an unbelievable own goal of monumental proportions. It’s like […]

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by , 7th Jul 21 3:57 pm

Elon Musk looks to have it all, billions of dollars in the bank or tied up in shares, a jet-set lifestyle. And he happens to own and run Tesla and Space X. One company pushes the boundaries of space flight and the other pushes the boundaries of future mobility. Before this ultra-success struck, Musk faced […]

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by , 5th Jul 21 1:26 pm

We really don’t know what Mercedes is doing here. On the one hand, they are morally and ethically corrupt for not giving two fs about their workers in Spain during the early stages of the covid pandemic. And on the other hand they were willing participants in the dieselgate scandal. Dieselgate was so bad they […]

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