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With a slow news month, the motoring press seemed to have nothing to cover, no story to tell. And then suddenly like a meteorite appearing out of nowhere, followed by a sonic boom, the Skoda Fabia was making all the headlines. The all-new MK4 Fabia is soon to be revealed in the coming months. A […]

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If you are a motoring journalist… what personal hell have you entered to step forward and exclaim that the Dacia Sandero is Car of the year 2021? After millions of years of evolution, your short time on this planet, your pivotal moment in the overarching history of humanity is spent telling the rest of humanity […]

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The transition from fossil fuel-powered cars to electric and electrification is a fascinating and exciting time to witness. Time will tell if such changes will reverse the effects of global climate change. The venture into a new world should be seen as a step into the unknown. Stepping into the unknown is a chance to […]

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You know when you eat ice cream too fast and then end up getting an ice cream induced brain-freeze headache? The Fiat 500 model range is just as painful to understand. To be honest with you we didn’t even know there was a Fiat 500 model range, we always thought there was just one Fiat […]

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The Volkswagen Polo, a Volkswagen bellwether since 1975. And that’s the history lesson done. Six generations later the Polo has grown wider and longer to accommodate new safety, crash structures and technology. That being said, it remains a compact hatch in the traditional sense in that it is relatively compact. But it’s looking better than […]

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