by , 29th Jul 20 11:12 am

Our lawyer has advised us here at DCB HQ to point out neither Carwow nor Mat Watson is in any way morally and ethically corrupted nor are they by association with any brand entity or sentient being on earth, the solar system, galaxy and universe. Mat Watson is reviewing the morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes […]

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by , 27th Jul 20 9:53 am

Rivian has confirmed that their all-electric R1T Pickup truck is being delayed due to a number of external factors. The EV start-up company expects first deliveries of the eagerly anticipated pickup truck by next summer. The Rivian R1T Pickup is scheduled to begin production in August with first customer deliveries expected in June 2021. Rivian […]

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by , 24th Jul 20 9:51 am

Walter Carr the man with no car. This story occurred back in 2018 and went as viral as a pandemic. We want to relive this moment because carblogs and car editorials are full of aloof motoring journalists who can not afford to buy the cars they drive. But for those non-motoring journalists, the reality is […]

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by , 14th Jul 20 10:39 am

After dieselgate Volkswagen held their collective heads in shame. Such unlimited fraud and deception would have sunk any other company. But not Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a survivor and one has to commend the company for making people want to forget and move on from dieselgate. And the way how Volkswagen has changed the narrative, going […]

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by , 8th Jul 20 3:14 pm

It was a good day, an overcast and rainy day, a chilly day for July. But this is Britain, rain is part of the very fabric of British life. Upon a sudden, we heard the news that Volkswagen had revealed further details about the bloody awful Tiguan. The bloody awful Tiguan Plug-in Hybrid. I am […]

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