by , 11th Oct 21 11:45 am

They, Volkswagen, spent 25 years celebrating the cleanest diesel ever to hit the market. The reality was far different, there was no so-called ‘clean diesel’. There was only dieselgate. There was only pollution, there were only countless lives needlessly lost, thousands per year in Europe alone according to WHO stats. Thousands of lives ended prematurely […]

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by , 8th Oct 21 7:20 pm

It’s the awards season! Cupra, which is kind of like a portmanteau of Seat and Volkswagen, has won a prestigious award at the 2022 Carbuyer shindig. That is to say the Seat Cupra Formentor has won something. We here at DCBHQ always advise you, the car buying consumer, to ignore annual awards given to car […]

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by , 5th Oct 21 4:06 pm

Toyota has spent the past decade in a kind of lockdown syndrome. Locked into churning out dreary, unimaginative cost-locked cars with little to no personality or charisma, be it dynamically or visually. Ironically that kind of approach sells and Toyota sold millions of cars using such a philosophy. The bland and sell business model allowed […]

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by , 4th Oct 21 1:28 pm

The VW works council, which is a form of corporate-controlled unionisation, did not in any way call out VW for being lazy and feckless over the transition to an EV future. We, DCBHQ, believe Volkswagen is dragging their feet over the switch to EV despite launching the apology tour that is the ID3 and ID4. […]

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by , 30th Sep 21 3:16 pm

We are two tribes at war, in a state of permanent war with Jaguar and Land Rover. But even we were left somewhat aghast at the sheer mendacity perpetrated by Volkswagen. They instigated and perpetuated Dieselgate for decades and now we learn of yet another act of brazenness. This time it’s a case of “if […]

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