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Con artists Volkswagen who for nearly 25 years lied, cheated, polluted for you and for me and the entire world with their dieselgate get quick rich scam, have added an entry-level variant to the Anakin Skywalker ID3 electric hatch. They call it the Pure Performance, we call it out as what… the… actual… fcuk? Our […]

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by , 6th Apr 21 9:58 am

I urge you, no I do indeed plead with you to not buy the Mazda MX-30. I urge you not to be persuaded by the award given to the MX-30. One award is way too much. The Daily Car Blog has won awards, do you think we have any more credibility? No, we do not […]

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by , 24th Mar 21 11:35 am

The Daily Car Blog has taken the unprecedented step to temporarily lift a permanent ban on Land Rover. The decision to do so was based on a renewed desire to celebrate this iconic brand, to become corporate stenographers while hiding behind the facade of professional journalism. Yes… I said professionalism…AHEM! And here we have the […]

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by , 23rd Mar 21 9:55 am

We have a problem with the Volkswagen ID4 Anakin Skywalker Edition. This is an electric vehicle created from the supernova of modern-day frauds, dieselgate. While publically committing to green causes, sustainability, saving whales, and planting trees Volkswagen was also committed to lies, fraud, and the choking effects of diesel particulates on the vulnerable. This alternate […]

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by , 15th Mar 21 7:37 pm

Jaguar Land Rover’s push into manufacturing electric vehicles has always appeared to be somewhat laborious. The Jaguar i-Pace is symptomatic of Jaguar’s denialism wrapped up in a shell of vapid, self-congratulatory marketing. The iPace is a slow unwilling step by step embrace of a new world that Jaguar is reluctant to join. They invested hundreds […]

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